Spring 2019, Typography I
San Diego State University
Design an accordion book that showcases a classic typeface, all of its elements, and the typographer that designed it. 

My book focused on the typeface Garamond, designed by Claude Garamond. This is a classic typeface with such beautiful letterforms that I really wanted to showcase and highlight the little details throughout the book. I used many of these letterforms as graphic elements and transitions between colors and pages by blocking out parts of letters and pulling the color across the page until they worked as abstract forms. I also created a couple of spreads that incorporated pieces of letters that had been cropped to exhibit the intricacies that Garamond crafted this typeface with. Because the typeface was designed with the intention of maintaining a sort of handwritten quality to it, I included photos designed as etchings to compliment the type. These spreads all came together into an accordion book that gives a classic typeface new life in the contemporary design space. 

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