Fall 2021, Senior Portfolio
San Diego State University
The theme for the 2021 SDSU Graphic Design Portfolio Review was very focused on being back together, in person, after being apart for a majority of the past two years due to COVID 19. We were tasked with coming up with branding and promotional pieces that would not only represent and promote the show, but also celebrate being back in-person.

The solution that I designed features simplistic icons and illustrations paired with saturated primary color blocks. The icons, tools seen in Adobe Illustrator, add context to the poster to indicate that it is specifically a graphic design portfolio review. The two illustrations work to represent the fact that the show is finally back in person, rather than online as it had been the past few semesters. The flowers are intertwined and the keyboard keys feature a command that groups selected items together in Adobe programs. I strove for a design that is exciting and energizing while still being very functional and, most importantly, legible. 

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