Spring 2021, Design Studio
San Diego State University
KOI Energy was looking for a brand refresh that included a new logo that incorporated an icon that could stand alone, packaging redesign for their energy gum, a stationary set, and an example of how their website could be modified to fit within the new brand. 

I designed an icon that features silhouettes of two koi fish swimming in a circle. The logo is versatile in the way that the logotype can be used individually, alongside the icon, or incorporated into the logotype by replacing the “o” in KOI. Since the koi fish in the logo appear as silhouettes, a complimentary scale pattern has been incorporated into the brand elements. This scale pattern references the markings seen on koi fish in the way that random scales appear in color and breakup the solid background. A geometric san-serif typeface was utilized in order to keep a bold, fresh, and modern look. 
The digital application and additional collateral work to expand on, and speak for, the brand. I wanted to incorporate the darker theme while adding imagery and bold calls to action for a complete experience for the user. The home screen of the digital application features four folds that capture the essence of the brand, being the call to action in the hero image, KOI Energy’s values, advertising the energy gum, and highlighting the promoted benefits. This home screen is responsive to fit multiple sizes of screens while still looking professional and clean.

For the packaging redesign, I built around a darker theme for a more alluring and powerful look. The dark background allows the cyan color, used to represent the peppermint flavor, to stand out. The scale pattern works to add visual interest to the package and can be seen in two places, including around the edges and on the foil inside the package. The icons are displayed on the back, alongside their descriptions, for a quick view of the benefits of the energy gum.

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