Spring 2021, Design Studio
San Diego State University
The Arts Alive program at SDSU was looking to have a poster series designed for a collection of plays being shown as part of their Discovery Series. The posters needed to follow a system that allowed for appropriate representation of each play while still being related to the other posters.

I designed these posters in a collage style, mainly pulling and editing imagery from The British Library’s gallery on flickr where they released collections into the public domain to “improve knowledge of and about them” and “to enable novel and unexpected ways of using them.” These photos, in combination with some supplemental copyright-free images, came together to form these three posters representing the plays: Miku, and the Gods, Nothing Gold Can Stay, and Postcard American Town. All three of these posters incorporate found illustrations, a frame around the border of the poster that is broken at some point by an element of the scene, and consistent blocks of typography that follow the same grid in order to emphasize the fact that they are part of a series and go together.

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